News Letter

Hello friends and brethren,

I hope you will read my news letter titled “Time to Wake Up”.  This is very important information for God’s scattered Church.  Please check out the information that I recommended for you to read and watch in this letter. We are living in frightening times, but we need to be awake to what is going on in our own nation as well as around the world.  God bless all of you who love the truth.

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Holy Day Calendar

2016 Date
Passover *!! April 22
Days of Unleavened Bread * April 23-29
Pentecost* June 12
Feast of Trumpets* October 3
Day of Atonement* October 12
Feast of Tabernacles* October 17-23
Last Great Day* October 24
* Begins evening before
!! Observed evening before

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