Hello friends and brethren,

I have come to realize that some people who have read my article on the “Seven Thunders of Revelation” are misunderstanding what I wrote; so I will write this letter to clear up any misunderstanding.

At least two individuals have expressed to me their misunderstanding of my article on the Seven Thunders of Revelations. They seem to think that I am saying that Mr. Hebert W. Armstrong’s book, “Mystery of the Ages” is the little book that is open in Revelation Chapter 10. That is not true. I am saying that Mystery of the Ages is the messages of the Seven Thunders, which John heard, but was told not to write down, but to seal it up. I believe that the “little book” that is open in the angels hand is the Holy Bible; and after God opens it up; the seven thunders speak their messages to John about seven topics which have been declared to the prophets, (Rev. 10: 7) whom God had inspired and declared the writings of the Holy Bible to. (2 Peter 1: 21) God, by his Holy Spirit had previously declared the messages of the seven Thunders to the prophets, but they didn’t completely understand it, because of the manner in which God declared it to them.   The Holy Bible was inspired by God, but as Isaiah wrote, a little here, and a little there, and by many different prophets, over many years. (Isaiah 28: 9-11) As Mr. Armstrong taught, the Holy Bible was written as a jigsaw puzzle, with thousands of pieces that needs to be rightly put together before the whole picture is manifest. God has done these things to keep the understanding away from the disobedient people, and yet he will reveal it to his called and obedient saints, when he plans to do so.

The seven Thunders spoke, and revealed the seven messages to John. God wanted true Christians to be aware that there are seven messages to be revealed before the seventh angle begins to sound his voice, but God didn’t want these seven messages revealed until the days of the sixth angle of the church, which was Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. As a result we have had seven Mysteries of God, through out the Ages, that are to be revealed before the seventh angle to the church begins to sound his voice, (not a Trumpet but his voice).God revealed the seven Thunder’s messages to Mr. Armstrong, little by little through his bible studies, to finish or reveal the Mystery of the Ages during the sixth Horn of Christ, which is The Church in Philadelphia. When the angel to the seventh Horn of Christ, which is Laodicea began to sound his voice, the Mysteries were finished, and no longer a Mystery. My article titled “The Seven Thunders of Revelation” explains much more about this. I hope you will take time to read it, and think on it.

It seems that most people assume that the open little book in the angles hand is only the seven thunders messages. It is true that the little book which is the Holy Bible, does contain the information which God declared to the prophets concerning these seven mysteries; but as it is recorded in the bible, it is still a mystery until God gave Mr. Armstrong the understanding of these seven mysteries, which he later wrote in his book “Mystery of the Ages”.

The book Mystery of the Ages reveals the mysterious messages of the seven Thunders; and that knowledge opens up the Holy Bible to the peoples understanding, whom God calls and gives his Spirit to. The seven mysteries are written about in the writing of the prophets in the bible and have been throughout the ages, but they are not the total information in the little book, the Holy Bible. When the seven Mysteries are understood, as Mr. Armstrong wrote of them, then we can better comprehend who and what God is; and also what man is, and why man exist, what angles are and why they exist, and also the whole plan and purpose of God, and his purpose for his chosen nation Israel, and his purpose for having a church, and what is the Kingdom of God, and then his whole word becomes opened up to the understanding of God’s true saints, so that we can understand it as we study our bibles, and yield our selves in obedience to God and his Commandments.

As Mr. Armstrong said, “Mystery of the Ages” does not replace the Bible but it opens up the bible to your understanding, so that you can understand your bibles when you read them.

We need to realize that not all ages of God’s Church has had the complete bible to study and learn from. Also much of the history between Christ’s first coming and his second coming, have been dark ages, in which the Holy Bible was suppressed, and not even translated into language which the average person could understand. Also Satan has used his false so called Christian Church’s to deceive the masses about what the Holy Bible does teach. When God’s time had come to open up the Mysteries of God to his servant, then we could expect to have the seven thunders messages cleared up. This time was to be during the sixth era or Horn of Christ, and just before the angel to the seventh or Laodicean Horn begins to sound his voice.

Revelation Chapter 10 was revealed to John, not to reveal the seven mysteries at that time; but to reveal to Gods servants that when God’s time does come to truly open up the mysteries of the Holy Bible, there will be seven major Mysteries of God that will be disclosed. And these cleared up mysteries will help to make the whole written word of God become open and understandable to the people whom God gives his Holy Spirit to.

Brethren I urge you to read again what Mr. Armstrong wrote in the authors statement of his book Mystery of the Ages. If you will carefully examine what he says, you will see that he also believed even as I do concerning this book.

Mystery of the Ages is a book that God inspired Mr. Armstrong to write which will open up the message of the Holy Bible to those who are truly able to believe the word of God. This is not just a mans book, but God had determined for this book to be written back in the days of the Apostle John, so that these mysteries about God’s written word could be revealed in this end time generation to any and all who are able to believe the word of God. Mystery of the Ages is not something added to the Holy Bible; but rather it’s messages were already written down in the pages of the Holy Bible throughout the ages, only they were written in a “coded” way so as to keep them a mystery until God’s time came to reveal them to his servant Mr. Armstrong, so that he could reveal them to the rest of us whom God gives his Holy Spirit to.

I hope this letter will clear up any misunderstanding that anyone may have about what I wrote in my article titled, “The Seven Thunders of Revelation”.

One clue to keep in mind as to which writing the “little book” is referring to is: The message of the little book is a message which God wanted his servant to preach and publish before the various peoples of many languages, and nations of this world, including taking this message before the kings of this world. (Rev. 10: 9-11) Friends, that is the Gospel message, as well as the prophetic warning message that is found in the Holy Bible.

Another important clue as to which writing the “Little Book” is referring to, is the fact that; while eating this book it is very sweet in the mouth, but after one had eaten and digested the knowledge of the little book, it would cause a bitterness to set in down in the belly. Now this is using physical things such as eating, sweetness, mouth, bitterness, and belly to represent spiritual things. One doesn’t actually eat a paper book.

Eating this book is symbolic of reading, and studying it’s information into ones mind. The knowledge of this book being read and studied was as sweet as Honey. This sweetness is symbolic of the reader being very pleasantly delighted to learn the things written in this book.

After having read and studied this book for a good space of time, and actually beginning to truly digest this knowledge and what it’s impact on your life is; then the knowledge of the sweet words causes a bitter and painful reality to set in, deep down in the understanding of your mind, and heart.

As truly converted Christians should have experienced and know; the word of God was very sweet to our taste while we were just beginning to study and learn about God’s wonderful purpose for our lives, and the good way that God leads us to live. When God had given me real faith in his gospel, I was very glad. This was the best thing I had ever encountered, and it was real! God Almighty himself was calling me, and revealing that he had a most wonderful purpose for my life! I knew it was real, and that God was hearing my prayers, and was talking to me through his written word, as well as by putting thoughts in my mind that he wanted me to think, so that I could be led to understanding and be aware of his presents in my life. This was wonderful, as sweet as Honey to my taste!

Next came the bitter part. After I had studied and learned much truth from the Word of God; then God made me become acutely aware that I couldn’t have this wonderful hope that God had set before me, unless I surrendered my life totally and completely over to him. This meant that I would have to stop using the Sabbath as I had always done before, for my own selfish pleasures, and work. I would have to stop eating unclean animals, and this meant that I would not be able to eat dinner with relatives and In-laws, at least without telling them that I have chosen to obey God and not eat their kind of food. This would be embarrassing, and my pride would have to go. To surrender to God would mean that I would have to start obeying all of God’s Commandments, which was contrary to my natural nature. I would have to cut my ties with some of my family and friends, and associates. To surrender to God, meant that I would have to give up and overcome many bad habits. I couldn’t any longer tell lies to my wife to cover up my sins against her and our marriage. In fact I began to realize that this was like dying! I didn’t want to die. The selfish carnal nature that we formerly had would have to die, and this included my vain pride, and vanity.

People who are fake Christians just pretend to do these things and just accept the name and doctrines of Christ in word, and name, but not indeed; but for me, I knew that God is real, and that he is involved in my life, and his gospel for my life is real. If I were to be a Christian, I was going to be for real also! So it was all or nothing. I either was going to truly surrender to God for real, or else I would just reject my calling and continue on trying to live my troubled life as I pleased. I truly was at a crossroads in my life. Which way would I go? I was troubled much more now than I was before I ever knew God’s word and his purpose for my life. This truly was a very bitter feeling that I got after eating and digesting some of the Holy Bible, which is God’s written Word. I was so tormented in my mind that I actually prayed, and asked God to leave me alone, and just let me slip back into my old way of life. For about a week God did let me be a little more free from his presents, and my mind seemed to be able to push aside the knowledge of God, and I went back to my old way for a few more days. In those few days God let me become aware of how foolish that decision was. I was rejecting God’s only purpose for my existence! God, in his mercy, let me go through some experiences that caused me to realize just how worthless my life is when lived according to my own vain way. I deeply repented and asked God to come back to me, and now I was willing to surrender my life over to him, for it is not worth living the way that I had been living anyway. God in his love and mercy heard and answered that prayer also. I did surrender to God and was baptized later. I have never regretted that surrender. I now love, and praise the Eternal God and His Holy Son Jesus Christ. If you care to read it, I have a more detailed account of my conversion in my literature on my web-site. It is titled, “My Personal Conversion”.

One point I want to make here is that the bitterness is only temporary. I now find great joy and delight in God and his good way of life. The bitterness only last until you are willing to make that total surrender of your life over to be obedient to God and his word, and Commandments. God will give you the Power and faith to do so if you truly are willing. The Holy Spirit that God gives to us, dwells in us begetting, and leading us to grow into holy sons of God. Our joy is great even in tribulations, for we know that our God is with us, and his wonderful purpose will stand forever.

I have spent a little bit of time writing to you about my own personal experience with the Word of God, The sweetness, and the bitter, and after conversion how the bitterness disappeared, and was replaced with joy. Now I want to have you consider the experiences of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. After all he is the one man that God called and chose to open up the little book, the Holy Bible to, so that he could teach it to the rest of us whom God would call. The Holy Bible has never been truly opened up to the understanding of this world, and much of it has never been opened up to even the church until God opened it up to Mr. Armstrong.

When God opened the bible up before John in the vision of Revelation Chapter 10; seven Thunders spoke their messages, and a voice from heaven told John not to write their messages down, but to seal them up. But in these last prophecy fulfilling days, when God opened the little book of the bible up to Mr. Armstrong’s understanding; the seven thunders messages were also revealed to him, by the Spirit of God, and through his studies. These are the seven mysteries throughout the ages, that opens up and makes us able to truly understand our bibles when we read them. That is why Mr. Armstrong called his book Mystery of the Ages. Like he said in his authors statement in the front of that book; The knowledge of these cleared up mysteries has been written down in the pages of the Holy Bible throughout the Ages, but it was written in a coded form, so that no one could understand it.

When God’s time had come to reveal these mysteries, he gave Mr. Armstrong the understanding of how the bible is written in form as a jigsaw puzzle, and to understand it one must gather all of the many bits of scattered scriptures from both old and new testaments that have any bearing on a particular subject together, and view them all in light of each other, then the truth on that subject will become plain and clear. This knowledge, among other things, such as being willing to accept correction and reproof of ones own ways and ideas, and being willing to truly obey the Commandments of God is partly how God was able to reveal the truth to Mr. Armstrong. Most truth that the rest of us truly called and converted Christians have, was taught to us by God’s end time Apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong. Even those two chosen witnesses of God spoken about in Revelation Chapter 11 will have learned, and been converted to Christ as a result of the preaching and teaching of Mr. Armstrong. They also shall “prophesy again”, in a dynamic way before the entire world.

After Mr. Armstrong had “eaten” and digested the written word of God, and had truly surrendered to God; then God used him to teach the truth on radio and later on television, as well as in evangelistic meetings, and books and booklets, and magazines which he had founded and supervised as well as wrote articles for.  God used him to preach and publish the truth throughout the Unites States of America, and then throughout the world; and even in private meetings with many kings, and rulers of this world. The original Apostles preached and published the gospel before much of the world in the first century AD; but God determined that his end time Apostle would prophecy again before many peoples, nations, tongues, and even before kings. (Rev. 10: 11) God did accomplish this through his servant Mr. Armstrong. And just before his death God inspired him to write a book that contained the seven cleared up mysteries of God, which he had learned and taught to us throughout his ministry. He called his book Mystery of the Ages. These Mysteries were finished, and no longer a mystery when the seventh church angle, or messenger began to sound his voice, just as the scripture said that it would be.

If you have ever put together a jigsaw puzzle, you know how much easier it is to do, when you have the picture on the box to look at while doing it. Friends and brethren, that is what Mr. Armstrong’s book, “Mystery of the Ages is like. Those cleared up mysteries in “Mystery of the Ages” reveal a clear picture of what the overview of the Holy Bible (the little book) is about. God wanted us to be able to see in the scriptures that there would come a time when God would open up the Holy Bible and the Mysteries of God, that the seven thunders spoke to John about in Revelation Chapter Ten. This prophecy has been fulfilled through the life work of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. God has opened up the Holy Bible, and its overview message to anyone who is willing and able to believe and surrender to obey God, and study their bibles along with Mystery of the Ages; so that they also can find those truths in the scriptures. Mystery of the Ages reveals the big picture of the Holy Bible; which is all about God, his creation, and what his plans for his creation is about. It truly is an awesome picture when you truly grasp it! And we don’t have to put the puzzle together without the picture to look at like Mr. Armstrong did; we can look at the picture while we are putting the bible together in our minds in our personal bible study. God has did this wonderful work for us through his servant Mr. Armstrong; and for the good of all of the rest of the future converts to Christ.

Let God our father and Jesus Christ our Lord and savior be praised and thanked for this wonderful blessing!

Brethren I hope that you will study my article titled “The Seven Thunders of Revelation” along with this letter, for they go together to make this subject more plain and clear. Also I strongly recommend that you check the scriptures, as well as Mr. Armstrong’s writing concerning this subject. If you will carefully read what Mr. Armstrong wrote in Mystery of the Ages, in the authors statement, Preface, and Introduction; it will help you to understand that what I have written to you on this subject is in agreement with what he believed and taught.

Your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers








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