Have you ever found a very special gem of much needed knowledge, wisdom, and understanding? Well I have, and when you are able to share these precious gems with those people who have the mental and spiritual capacity to appreciate them; it is like “putting apples of gold in pictures of silver”. (Proverbs 25: 11)

Since the apostasy that has taken place among the Worldwide Church of God; many true Christians have become divided against each other, over the issue of whether true and faithful Christians should continue to grow in knowledge of God, which Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong didn’t yet understand before he died, and whether they should allow the Holy Bible and the Spirit of God to correct any wrong teaching in the church; or whether they should just teach and believe only, and exactly what Mr. Armstrong had approved and taught before his death.

I would like to let you hear what Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong himself taught on this vital subject. I have understood this knowledge for a long time, but I have just recently discovered this old “World Tomorrow” radio broadcast which gives me the opportunity to share this precious wisdom and understanding with all of my brethren who read and listen to my literature, and who respect the teachings of Mr. Armstrong. You can listen to this audio on my website under the MEDIA section. The title of this broadcast is What will the true church be like.

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Holy Day Calendar

2016 Date
Passover *!! April 22
Days of Unleavened Bread * April 23-29
Pentecost* June 12
Feast of Trumpets* October 3
Day of Atonement* October 12
Feast of Tabernacles* October 17-23
Last Great Day* October 24
* Begins evening before
!! Observed evening before

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