Hello brethren,


I have three sisters and one brother who attend Church activities with the PCG, and that vain false prophet, Gerald Flurry has so deceived them and the rest in that organization that they will not have anything to do with, nor talk with any of their brethren who were truly converted to the truth by Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ.  We who are more spiritually awake are able to see that Flurry is teaching out of his own vain imagination, and not altogether according to the Holy Bible.  He has exalted his self up above all other brethren, and even claims titles to himself which actually apply to Christ.  This false Prophet does teach enough truth to be dangerous, but his vanity and pride won’t let him be corrected by any brethren who are more knowledgeable and faithful with the word of God.  Rather than be corrected where he is wrong, he simply casts out any brother or sister in Christ who desires only the truth, and refuses to force their self to conform to his own vain teaching, and self exaltation.

Brethren, not only has this vain minister exalted his self, and cast out Christ’s faithful saints, but he has commanded that no one in his organization be allowed to talk to, or communicate with any of us whom he has had put out of that Laodicean Organization, or anyone of the brethren who disagrees with his own false teachings.  My own sisters are afraid to even talk to me, lest they be also cast out of that church organization.  Those brethren that are left in that Laodicean organization have allowed Flurry to use fear and intimidation to control them to keep them from also waking up to the truth, and seeing what a wretched man he is, and what false teachings he is mixing in with the truth.  This Satan influenced man is in effect causing the brethren under his command to stop their ears, and close their eyes, lest they hear the knock of Christ on the doors of their hearts and minds.  I call on Almighty God to expose him for what he is, before all of the brethren of Christ’s body; so that they may be willing to take their fingers out of their ears, and open their eyes and see the truth.  As it stands today, it is impossible for any faithful Christian to even communicate to them to try and spiritually awake them; for they obey Flurry as if he were God, and refuse to even talk with their own families that are more spiritually awake.  Flurry forbids such communication; for he is afraid that they may wake up and leave him and his vain teachings; and therefore he would be left without a flock of people to support him and his vain self- aggrandizing plans, and his college and compound.   Just like Satan and the demons, he is afraid of the truth, because they are not of the truth.  Through deception and fear tactics men like that struggle to hang on to a following of people, for their own selfish and vain purposes.  If he were teaching and living according to the true Word of God, then he wouldn’t have to worry about loosing his followers, and financial supporters; because if they truly were converted to the truth, then they would not follow anyone away from the truth.  But as in his case, he knows that one of us faithful and true Christians, may be able to wake up some of his followers if he allows them to talk to us.  They have allowed him to deceive them into looking to him and trusting him as if he were God.  What a sad shame!    Could he be that man of sin that sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God?  Understand brethren; The Pope in this end time age doesn’t sit in the Temple of God; but Gerald Flurry does sit in the seventh horn or organization  of government that God used him to raise up, which is the Laodicean horn.  He is that seventh angle (minister) which Christ held in his right hand to form and lead the Laodicean Horn of Christ.  Just because Christ used him to raise up the seventh church government, and organization does not mean that Christ would approve of his stewardship.  But at the time when the true doctrines of God were starting to be twisted and perverted by Joseph Tkach in the WCG; Gerald Flurry was about the only ordained minister who seemed to have the guts to stand up for the true doctrines.  God used him to build the next organization and government of the Church of God.


I honestly believe that God did use him to raise up that Laodicean organization; so that he could gather those brethren who were faithful  to Christ out of the Synagogue of Satan, which had taken over the World Wide Church of God (Philadelphia) organization.   Mr. Flurry did not remain humble and faithful to the truth;  No, he began exalting his self and teaching out of his own vain imagination.  After exalting his self and his false teaching so high; it was too humiliating for him to admit that he had been a vain teacher and acknowledge that he was wrong, when certain brethren pointed out some of his “mistakes”.   The more he refused to be corrected, the farther away from God he drifted, and the more mentally and spiritually deranged he became.  What a sad shame.  The really sad part is, that he has led astray many of the brethren who were careless about not proving  what they accept, whether it is truly in agreement with the Holy Bible, and the Spirit of love, truth, and honesty.  Many of these brethren are afraid to stand alone with Christ: They feel the need to have a man that they can lean on.  Brethren God desires character in us to be able, and willing to stand up for what is right even if it gets us killed, and even if we are all alone physically except for God and Christ being with and in us.  When men lean on other men, and put their trust in men, then it is like leaning on a sword.  God only can be totally trusted in.


I desire greatly to be able to help my sisters, as well as all of our spiritual brethren in Christ to wake up and stop following a vain man, and start following the true Word of God.   I realize that I have no power of my own to accomplish this, so I rely totally on God to get these people to unplug their ears and open their eyes, and to be able to see how they have been deceived into giving control of their minds to a vain man who exalts his own self up as if he were God.  It may take a major earthquake under their feet to get their attention.


Many years ago, back in the early nineties Gerald Flurry wrote a booklet with a picture on the front cover which looked like the Ambassador Auditorium which was on Ambassador Collage  Campus in Pasadena California; which was also a collage that God had used Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to build to prepare ministers to pastor the local churches that was being raised up under his leadership and preaching.

Of course after Mr. Armstrong’s death, God had allowed Satan and his men to come in control of that church organization , so that finally in this end time, he separates the “tares from the wheat”. Those Satan influenced men began perverting the doctrines of Gods church and casting out any true Christian who stood up to them.  That is when God used the   minister  who had the guts to stand up and disagree with them; to raise up the next Horn of Christ, which is Laodicea.  Mr. Flurry was that man.  Flurry didn’t handle that office in humility, and  Satan used his pride and vanity against him, and has caused him to exalt his self and his false teachings; and to cast out any brethren in Christ who simply desires the plain unleavened truth, and who look to Christ as their Lord, and not to any vain man.

The booklet that I mentioned above showed Flurry’s prophecy that he predicted against the “World Wide Church” organization and the Ambassador Auditorium.  The picture showed the building to be split in half by the effects of a major earthquake, which Flurry believed and hoped would happen.   At that time Flurry didn’t realize that he was used to raise up the seventh horn, or organization of government of the Church of God.  He thought that he was the leader of the Philadelphia Church of God, and that Joseph Tkach, the leader of the WCG was leader of the Laodicean Church.  In reality, Tkach had turned the WCG organization into a Synagogue of Satan; and Flurry was used to raise up the Laodicean church organization, to draw to it any who still loved God’s true doctrines. The Laodicean Church Organization of Government didn’t start out nearly as bad as it became later under Flurry’s leadership.  Satan used pride and vanity to start Flurry and that Laodicean Organization down the road to complete blindness and spiritual nakedness, (which is unrighteousness).   Brethren we all should be very careful not to let pride and vanity rule in our lives; for that is a major root of all evil.  Consider how Lucifer fell through his pride and vanity.

Flurry’s condemning of Ambassador Auditorium to be hit by an earthquake may prove to be what happens to his own replica of that building that he has had built.  They call it Armstrong Auditorium, and the” house of God”.  In reality Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong would condemn the evil works that Flurry has been doing and so also does Almighty God.  God knew that Satan’s man, Tkach would sift the Church of God, and spiritually destroy any who would  allow it.  But Flurry was used to raise up the seventh horn of Christ, which is the seventh organization of the Church of God, and  his evil works has been such that Christ has or will spew him out of his mouth as a man might do with a drink which in not hot nor Cold.


I personally would like to see all of Gods Church become willing to be humble and corrected that we all might obtain that wonderful goal of being born into the family and Kingdom of God.  If it takes an earthshaking event to get their attention, and make them willing to hear their brethren who are trying to wake them up, so that they may not loose out on their wonderful reward in Gods Kingdom: Then I humbly call on Almighty God to shake their worldly auditorium apart; so that they may be shaken awake spiritually; and come to realize that their building is not the house of God.  They need to realize that the house that God dwells in, is those humble and faithful brethren, that tremble at God’s word and not a vain man; those brethren whom they are being taught to shun; (Isaiah Chapter 66).  The Laodicean Church is willingly letting their selves be blinded so bad, that they can’t discern the body of Christ; that is those who truly are the members of the body of Christ, the true Church of God.  I’m sure that God will do as he see’s fit, and in his own time, but God will get their attention in due time; and God will expose that sinful man for what he really is.  I hope and pray for all of those who truly do love God and his Holy Laws, and are willing to submit to the true teachings of Christ.  I also pray that God will punish those wicked men who use Gods children for their own selfish and vain  purposes, and turn them against their brethren, as well as against the way of God, which is the way of true, and unfeigned love.

Sincerely, your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers

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