Hello Friends and brethren,


Jesus Christ came into this world to overcome Satan and all unrighteousness while living in the carnal flesh like we are, but he didn’t have a sinful mind and spirit.  He was filled with the Holy Spirit of God his father, and was therefore able to remain faithful to God even in Satan’s strongest temptations.  Jesus loved his Father and drew near to him in heartfelt prayer: and comprehending the greatness, love, wisdom, mercy, power, and righteousness of his Father, motivated him to joyfully  give praise and glory to the Great God, his father.

Friends and brethren, we who have been given a calling to become saints, and have truly been given the Holy Spirit of God; we also have the same Great Father that our Lord Jesus has!  Do we comprehend the Greatness, wisdom, love, mercy, faithfulness, power, and righteousness of our Father in Heaven?  Do we feel motivated to praise and worship our Great, loving, merciful, wise, just, and righteous Father?  We certainly should!


If we could truly grasp in our minds and hearts the Great Glory and Praises of our Father, then we would not be able to avoid offering heartfelt thanksgiving and praise to the Almighty God, our own Father!


As you brethren know, God does not desire his people to sacrifice choice lambs, goats, or bulls to him; but God desires that we humble ourselves and obey his word, and offer praise and thanksgiving to him.  That is, praise with understanding; and not vain lip service as do many in the false churches.  We should study and meditate on the wonders of our Great God, that we may be better qualified to offer Praise to the Eternal God our Father.   If you are obedient to our Father, then you should be able to see God’s involvement in your own personal life; which you can give praise and thanks to him for.


Friends and brethren, understand this: God is not like vain men in desiring vainglory.  The plain unleavened truth about our Father is AWESOME!  God doesn’t need you and me to praise him to inflate his mind and make him feel important.  No, our Father desires us to give thanks and offer praise to him for our own benefit!  God wants us to try and comprehend the truth about our Great Father, so that we may learn to have respect for him for our own good; even as a human father wants his son to respect him for the good of the son, that he may value his wisdom, understanding, character, and instruction.  God wants us to comprehend his praises that we may have respect for our own destiny to become like our Father, as his own sons.  Also, the more that we grasp the awesome wisdom, understanding, love, mercy, and power of our Father, the more joy we will experience in our relationship with him.


Brethren, if you would like to experience some of my joy that I have in Praising our God, then I would like to recommend that you watch this video on YouTube titled: God of Wonders The Documentary (2009).  This video will help you to see some of the marvelous wonders that God reveals about his self in his creation.  God bless the people who made this video.


If we truly do offer thanksgiving and praise to our Father in heaven, then we will also become closer to him.  God won’t seem so far away from you if you study and meditate on his praises, and then offer praise to God with real understanding.  Giving praise to God in our fellowship with other brethren is also very good and helpful to each other.  Above all, our praise of God should be with understanding, and not just lip service.  An excellent bible study would be to look up all of the places in the scriptures where it is talking of giving praise to God.  Everyone who desires to understand their bibles should have a good bible concordance and Hebrew and Greek dictionary.  “Strong’s” is probably the best.

Your brother in Christ,

Gary Stowers

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